What began years ago as a simple admiration and passion for flowers has grown into an appreciation of bringing beauty and joy through flowers to people’s most meaningful moments in Central Indiana. Our deep love for flowers and their potential for artistry is the backbone of Eufloric Events which allows us to connect and create with our clients to give them a personalized and memorable experience.

As a full service studio, our talented design team has expertise that extends from styling and flowering small private gatherings, to corporate events, to weddings of all sizes. We have the privilege of connecting with our clients and discovering their unique personality, their story and dreams and then translating it into a floral composition. Everything we do is done with intention and purpose to represent our clients unique vision, personality and brand.

At Eufloric, it is our mission to source the most incredible blooms, find the coolest textures and incorporate beautiful seasonal elements from the environment to produce an intentionally design piece.

Our team has many years of experience in the wedding and event floral design industry. Each with our own unique individual personalities and design styles for an unparalleled wedding or event planning experience.

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